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At TerpsCC our staff seek to educate the consumer, helping make the proper decisions in choosing the Cannabis products that works best for the individual.

We believe ‘How-To-Consume-Cannabis’ shouldn’t be left to google!

Our team members are people, not corporations. We are Grandparents, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, Patients & non users who see the benefits of Cannabis.

Public Statement by TerpsCC

When volunteers proposed The City Of Edmonton to host a private Medical Cannabis Cup on April 20th 2017. The plan: to host a celebratory event on April 20th, referred to as “420” amongst cannabis communities, that has been a day for people to gather and smoke cannabis in peaceful protest to current laws and expressing their right to freedom of choice and access to a healing plant. Considering Canada’s impeding legalization rather than gathering in protest we would have like to peacefully assemble, as per our rights Section 2 of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and celebrate by renting a venue for a private function.

A local venue willing to forego their Liquor License for the day to host the event had confidence in patient rights and belief participants would behave in a respectful manner. Vaporizing would have been allowed by the venue indoors with proper ventilation system in place.

Safety, discretion for patients while also away from public and underage kids this event was to concrete the community, local business and talents in anticipation of legalization.

On March 14th The City of Edmonton brought forward restrictive regulations towards dispensaries and opportunities for lounges. Leaving the MCC without a safe space, fearful of what repercussions may take place and questioning whether to continue as planned.

We see patients who have been given zero resources who struggle wasting their entire prescriptions trying to make edibles, capsules or concentrates themselves. Parents fearful of the risks of chemicals, paraphernalia and stigma associated with making their prescription into a form they can consume with comfort around their families. Patients are struggling to begin with and the vast ways to consume Cannabis and the effort involved can be stressful to many, even painful. Experimenting with their prescription that is not covered by insurance companies to begin with makes it also unaffordable. Going the street level route risks criminal offenses, loss of prescription, lacing with drugs like fentanyl, unlabeled, misinformation and undue anxiety. These patients want relief and the astounding number using illegal dispensaries grows every day, now more than ever with recent headlining recalls by Licensed Producers.

TerpsCC provided Edmontonian’s with easy access to their medication, educational staff, resources and a commitment to lab tested products only. Nearly 600 Patients easily ordered online, had products delivered directly into their hands in a discreet manner at the door. In the 5 months since opening the online dispensary we have not only helped hundreds of people from relief of their ailments but have connected with local business and community members. Patients are not a number, they are people who range in lifestyles, age and ailments. We see members with Anxiety, Stage 3&4 Cancer, Psoriasis, Seizures, PTSD and so many other burdens who find ease in Cannabis use.

The opening of TerpsCC came from the lack of patient support and needs made glaringly evident once MACROS Dispensary was raided in July of 2015 after serving the community for over 10 years. The same Patient values loved by many who received medication from M.A.C.R.O.S. continued in TerpsCC and in Dec 2016 the Non-Profit Compassion Club’s Online Store opened. The team consists of people who are patients, caregivers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. These people took a great risk to their daily lives, families and freedoms to help patients in need of alternative resources.

With respect to the recent introduction of The City Of Edmonton’s early regulations to the Cannabis Industry and the potential risk to patients involved in the enforcement crackdown faced across Canada TerpsCC has chosen to close the Online Dispensary as of March 18th 2017. Instead of taking the profit cycle of the last 2 months to get more product/variety for our patients we will be launching a full campaign to voice the frustrations of patients and dispensary owners. We ask all those who seek the benefits of dispensaries and their loved ones to come forward for the future of #Cannabis #Legalization.

While the decision to close our operations leaves a very heavy burden of sadness, our team trusts that each patient will take the time to voice their frustrations to Government officials. We will continue to offer our Home Party education course and hope to see everyone’s continued support!

Please contact #JustinTrudeau, #RachelNotley, #DonIveson and your local MP’s to voice your dedication to #Dispensary Models and Regulations. Be a voice with us June 28th 2017 at the City of Edmonton’s public hearing on proposed changes to City’s zoning bylaws. Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1600459239981876/

Our Team members are Activist who have put their freedom on the line for patient benefit and now we pass the torch to you.
Light it up.
Then pass it.

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2017 Terps Compassion Club Edmonton, Alberta Canada