Terps Home Party


Terps is taking Cannabis education to the next level! Offering a 2hr course on Cannabis in the comfort of your home! 

No questions are taboo here!

Become educated on how cannabis can be used to benefit you!

Learn about the basics or ask the more advanced questions, all from the comfort of home! Our Cannabis Consultant will provide a 2 hour presentation for you and your guests.

Discuss the various methods of infusing cannabis into oils & butters.

Cook a recipe with our cannabis consultant.

Find out about the latest products & accessories available to consumers.

Learn about the many ways of consuming edibles and what to do when you consume too much.

Quality education can’t be found on an online search engine.
Our trusted TerpsCC Cannabis Consultant’s guide
you through a customizable presentation that is as unique as you!

Our service provides a professional, discreet and fun event paired with information you can use for life!


About Our Cannabis Consultant:

Melissa Finlay is one of the most recognized female advocates in Edmonton. She is the owner of Area 710 Productions, a member of Canexions Networking Club, the United Cannabis Society and the Alberta Cannabis Stakeholders Group.

Suffering from ailments like Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Endometriosis, Depression and Anxiety she found relief in the many different ways of consuming Cannabis. After years of self medicating, she spent 15 years fighting and self advocating for her doctors to prescribe her Marijuana instead of more OxyContin or Percocet’s. She finally was successful and became a licensed patient in 2013.

The Cannabis community is an important part of Canada and it can also be fun. Melissa has travelled to a number of Dispensaries in BC and enjoyed Hempfest, Dabfest and Praire Medicinal Harvest Cup. She has also taken the time to teach Cannabis cooking to a number of people at a local Edmonton Centre.

We are proud to offer Melissa’s knowledge to our customers and trust she will leave you with an open mind about Cannabis and Hemp use.

*This 2 hour education service is ideal for a group of friends looking to become more knowledgeable.

Price: $120.00 for a 2hr session.

Book a customizable, hands-on learning experience with one of our knowledgeable Cannabis Consultant’s.

Contact us to schedule your Home Party!

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